Cindy & Nino’s Wedding – Long Island NY

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This bride made her dream come true: to have a fairytale Wedding. Cindy arrived at the Church in a horse carriage. Wow! Musicians from King Brass Inc. Trumpeters were ready to announce the bride’s arrival. Her dress was beautiful and she looked lovely. Cindy was accompanied by her Dad; Mr. Navia who walked her down the aisle.
Altamaya Studio was there to record everything, even the smallest of details. So I thought it’d be nice to share part of the event, minute by minute with you guys.
3:44pm Marriage vows begin
3:47pm Exchange of rings
3:48pm Applause from guests
3:50pm Sarah (Family Friend) played the violin
4:05pm Pescador de Hombres (Lord you have come) was sung in Spanish by one of the priests, with an opera voice. This was grandiose!
4:15pm The first kiss as a married couple was exchanged by newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Tiburzi. The trumpeters began playing the wedding anthem along with the piano.

The reception was at Russo’s on the Bay. During cocktail hour, pasta, lobster, and calamari were served. Any delicacy that you could have imagined was on their menu.
Cindy came down the steps wearing only one shoe. Nino waited for her at the end of the steps with the other blue shoe in hand.
They danced to “Save the Day.” Throughout the night, guests were served 4-course meals. The DJ (courtesy of Latin Brothers ) did a phenomenal job. Their playlist consisted of a mixture of English, Colombian, Italian and Brazilian music.
We would like to thank the Navia and the Tiburzi Families for believing in all of us here at Altamaya Studio, for their warm welcome into their home, and for their courtesy towards us. In the end, Cindy found her Prince Charming, proving that dreams really do come true. May they live happily ever after. The End.


We Thank our Altamaya Crew who was assigned to cover this event:
Photographers: Erika Rosales, Andres Truyano
Videographers: Miguel Chavez, Juan Lopez
Videographer Assistant: Lazaro Cuautencos
Written by: Natalia Miranda
Published by: Fernando Delgado (Photo Editor)